Founded in 1988 in East Perth, by Coralie Edwards and Maurice Sawyer, Basic Elements has been in Guildford for over 18 years now.

Having worked for the Australian Government in Indonesia in the early 80’s Maurice has forged relationships throughout the archipelago.  Both he and Coralie travel to far flung islands to source original artefacts and items for Basic Elements. Having spent a long period in Central Java, Maurice has contacts to source large antique teak furniture pieces from shops and warehouses in and around Surakarta.  All of the items sourced by us are original, not made to look old or made from recycled materials and termed "vintage". These are imported into Australia and restored here in Guildford.  You can be sure that anything at Basic Elements has been restored professionally, with high standard materials

Coralie and Maurice regularly travel to other areas in Asia to source items for the shop, including India, northern Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China.

Basic Elements has a variety of items for many differing cultural groups found in these countries such as, the Yao Mein, Batak, Sasak, Acehnese, La na, Hmong, Karen, Asmat, Shan and many others.

Basic Elements has a large and comprehensive collection of original Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Burmese ceramics, some from as early as the Tang dynasty through to the Qing dynasty.

Of course local items are picked out here in Perth, from auction houses or purchased directly, and again restored at Basic Elements in Guildford.

Having access to a range of items, we specialise in supplying other businesses in Perth, the South West, and even nationally with items that they may need to redecorate a shop or office or open a new outlet.  We have helped restaurants, café’s, small bars and a diverse range of retail outlets source the right items to suit their own style.  Basic Elements works with a range of stylists and interior designers to create the atmosphere that they and their clients require.

With Basic Elements situated in James Street, Guildford, only nine kilometres from Perth across the road from Guildford Train Station, and the warehouse only 1.5 kilometres away in South Guildford, it’s easy to come and have a look at the range of pieces on display.